Jarret Reid: Higher Performance Power Hockey

Jarret Reid, as the Director of Power Skating it is Jarret’s job to help teach people, the skills necessary to be a powerful hockey player. According to the Wave Hockey website that includes: “technical power skating program that emphasizes first-step quickness, reaction skills, lateral movement, stickhandling and puck control, explosiveness, power and acceleration.”

To this day, Cory Conacher, who is one of the NHL’s shorter men, relies upon his speed more than many. Conacher knows that Jarret Reid and the people at the High Performance and Power Skating Program at Wave Hockey were instrumental in helping to make him better on the ice. Conacher notes that he sees a “huge improvement in foot speed, balance, and stride length” since getting coaching from Jarret Reid and Wave Hockey.

Another professional Hockey Player, who has learned a lot from Jarret Reid, is Chad Wiseman. Currently playing for a Swedish Team, Wiseman knows that a big part of his success has been working with Jarret Reid for the past 5 years. Wiseman believes that Jarret Reid is great at working with any player at any skill level. Wiseman notes, “He can quickly break down areas that need improvement with an approach that makes sense and is easy to understand.

Whether it is coaches or owners of hockey teams, such as Bob Boughner President and Owner of the Windsor Spitfires Hockey Club, Jean Luic, the Head Coach for the Oakville Rangers Minor Peewee AAA team or parents who are looking to make the children’s dreams reality, they all agree that Jarret Reid is a great coach and instructor.


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