Jarret Reid: Community Servant

Jarret Reid has focused much of his life on Hockey. He has been able to move that focus to being only about hockey to instead being about his daughter first and hockey second. Although he still coaches and instructs Hockey Players, he also now has another more important goal, teaching and helping his own daughter. She was born with Type One Diabetes. This devastating disease has helped Jarret Reid to understand what was truly important in life, and he has turned into an outstanding advocate for the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation. Helping to host numerous teams as well as being a part of the Cory Conacher Foundation has helped Jarret Reid learn and grow.

Jarret Reid has always had a strong sense of community service and at the age of 19 and 20 he took part in helping the United Way through some photo shoots and posters of Jarret in his uniform with children. The poster and photos helped raise money for The United Way. Fast forward almost 20 years, and Jarret Reid is back giving of himself again as he works with the Cory Conacher Diabetes Hockey Camp ad well as the Cory Conacher Golf Tournament held in Burlington Ontario.

Jarret Reid is a dedicated member of his community and is proud to be a part of these great causes. He understands how important it is for money to be raised for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and how important it is for kids with diabetes to be able to take part in the Cory Conacher Summer camp.


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