Jarret Reid: A Worldly Winner

Jarret Reid’s hockey passion and ability simply could not be contained to Canada alone. Over Jarret’s career, he has spent much time abroad, both playing and instructing in the field of hockey. During eight of his fifteen years as a professional hockey player, Jarret Reid played in France, Italy, and even Germany. In Germany Jarret would go on to rank as number 4 in the all time scorer list for Timmendorfer Strand in the German Bundesliga, Oberliga, with six hundred and fifty seven points in two hundred and thirty professional games. Jarret’s ability to drive the puck home has been apparent throughout the entirety of his hockey career. Even as a player in the OHL, a juvenile hockey league of Ontario, Jarret would be named the regular season high scorer, the playoff season high scorer, and would then go on to become a member of the OHL 50 scorer Alumni, a group that commemorates anyone who scores fifty of more points in a single season.

Jarret Reid’s success on the ice was not limited to Canada, or even his own career. Jarret not only played hockey professionally across the world, he has taught across the world as well. Before Jarret became a part of Ontario’s wave hockey program, becoming the Director of Power Skating and Skill Development, Jarret conducted several skating seminars and clinics in many exotic locals. Some of these locations included, Aosta, Italy, Copenhagen, Denmark, Hamburg Germany, and Grenoble France. Jarret did this for a seven year period and says that the experience of the many different cultures made it easier for Jarret to relate to each individual he coached, and helped him to become versatile and adaptive in communicating with his players, a key to success in any coaching program.


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