Jarret Reid: Philanthropist

Jarret Reid knows that taking success for granted can be among one of the worst things someone can do. Jarret also knows that a true marker for success is not what an individual has achieved, but what he or she has contributed to the world around them. If you were to ask yourself today what you’ve done to improve a person’s life other than your own, what would the answer be? Jarret believes that as long as you’ve helped one person improve once a day, then you’ve done more than anyone else could ask of you. Not everyone is fortunate or stable enough to be able to contribute, Jarret however, is lucky enough to be one of those people. In the world of hockey, it is often misconstrued as a brutal sport that focuses on savagery more than good will. Jarret says this cannot be further from the truth, and that comradery is key to building a successful team. He applies this philosophy off the ice as well, by contributing both his time and money to charitable groups. Jarret does this not only to help others, but because each donation is an investment in the future.

Jarret Reid makes many of his charitable contributions to United Way of Canada, a non profit coalition of volunteer based charity groups in Canada. United Way campaigns raise money for local groups that address community issues and problems, and the national organization provides leadership, services and coordination to the members. In Canada, United Ways and Centraides are led and supported by more than 200,000 volunteers all dedicated to improving the lives of individuals in their community. Volunteers such as Jarret sit on United Way boards, and work on local fundraising campaigns. Jarret believes this is key to keeping the community healthy and intact.


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