Jarret Reid: A Team Player

When asked what makes a good player, Jarret believes there are many factors. Among the most important are discipline, passion, hard work, and teamwork. However, none are as important to Jarret as having heart. Jarret says that the biggest defining trait for a team player is that he never gives up, no matter the obstacles or the odds, a champion perseveres through thick and thin, never settling for second best. It is this very attitude says Jarret, that contributed to his success both as a hockey player and a coach. As a coach, Jarret hopes to instill a sense of perseverance and passion in his players that he believes will help lead them to enjoy careers even more successful and impressive than Jarret’s himself. To do so, Jarret exercises the old idiom that practice makes perfect. Practice is what lead Jarret to become drafted in the NHL in the 5th round. Practice has allowed Jarret to be abducted into the OHL 50 Score Alumni. This is why Jarret knows that the difference between a good coach and a great coach, is to lead not through instruction, but example.

During Jarret Reid’s stay with the Sault Greyhounds, he went above and beyond the call of duty, and contributed more to the team than most others could dream of. In 1993, Jarret became the regular season leading scorer on the Greyhounds, and would later become the playoff season leading scorer, and even receive the coveted playoff MVP award, one of the most prestigious awards one can receive.


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