Jarret Reid: Coach

Jarret Reid may no longer play on the ice, at least not professionally, but he has found other ways to put his talent to work by instructing others. Jarret’s experience and natural talent in hockey made it an easy transition to becoming a wave hockey coach. Jarret now spends his time fostering young and new talent, honing their skills for possible professional careers. Something Jarret said is even more rewarding than his own hockey career had been. Jarret’s love of the game of hockey started while he was growing up in Burlington Ontario. So it seems only fitting that Jarret would then become a hockey coach there, helping kids foster and nurture their talents. Jarret utilizes his 15 plus years of experience on the ice, as well as his natural born talent to help teach Wave Hockey to all of those interested in learning. Jarret says that though he is the coach, he has learned just as much, if not more from his students than they have from him.

Jarret not only played hockey professionally across the world, he has taught across the world as well. Before Jarret became a part of Ontario’s wave hockey program, becoming the Director of Power Skating and Skill Development, Jarret Reid conducted several skating seminars and clinics in many exotic locals. Some of these locations included, Aosta, Italy, Copenhagen, Denmark, Hamburg Germany, and Grenoble France. Jarret did this for a seven year period and says that the experience of the many different cultures made it easier for Jarret to relate to each individual he coached, and helped him to become versatile and adaptive in communicating with his players, a key to success in any coaching program.


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