Jarret Reid: A History

Jarret Reid was born on March 10th 1973, since then, he has developed a love for both hockey and community that have molded and shaped not only his life, but the lives of those around him. As a wave hockey instructor, Jarret now hones and develops the skills of his students with his extensive experience in the field and of course, on the ice. Jarret’s natural affinities for hockey are largely attributed to him growing up in Ontario Canada, where the sport and all it’s participants are held in the highest regard. It was here that Jarret would develop his interest in hockey and discover his talents that came with it.

Over the years, Jarret Reid has received a remarkable amount of various awards and distinctions that catapult him to the upper echelons of sport greatness. His dedication, passion, and skill in hockey are the traits he says he has to thank most for his accrued accolades and general success in his career. In 1990, Jarret would be picked 4th overall in the first drafting round of the OHL, being picked up by the Sault Greyhounds. That same year Jarret would go on to become the leading rookie scorer in the 1990 to 1991 season, scoring 38 points alone. During his three years with the Greyhounds, they would win every single OHL championship, thanks both to Jarret’s talent and leadership. In 1993, Jarret helped seize the Memorial Cup, in a clutch 4-2 victory against the Peterborough Petes. Not satisfied with that, upon winning the Memorial Cup, Jarret also received recognition by the Government of Ontario for distinguished performance in the field of an amateur sport. This International Achievement Award was presented by Bob Ray, the premiere of Ontario.


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