Jarret Reid: A Hockey Life

Jarret Reid has made hockey the major focus of his life since he was a young boy. When he was 17, the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds of the Ontario Hockey League drafted him. Two years later he followed his fellow Sault Ste. Marie Alum, Adam Foote to the NHL. Jarret Reid was destined for a different road. A road that would eventually lead him to be called a coach that parent’s trust.

Jarret Reid takes great pride in being a coach that kids want to have. He knows the joys of working with children and imparting to them the importance and value of practice and teamwork. Parents trust that Jarret Reid will help instill in them all of those values which are so important in sports especially practice.

Jarret Reid does not only coach children however. He can and has coached people of all ages. He conducted skating clinics in Germany, Italy France and Denmark while he was playing professional Hockey in Europe. He also coaches adults at Wave Hockey in Burlington Ontario. Some of the adults he has coached have been Professional Hockey Players. These Players know that there is always more to be learned about hockey and ways you can make yourself a better skater and player.

Teaching has become Jarret Reid’s career, and he understands that his ability to teach is one of the great things separating him from most of the people who love the game of hockey. He can effectively communicate with people and can use that to make the athletes of all ages better.


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